MoonFaker: Where's The Plume II

First published: 2011-11-19


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In my previous MoonFaker, we saw ample evidence that indicates that a bright exhaust plume should have been clearly visible in the LM liftoff videos. This led to a friendly debate between Vincent McConnell (yesiamawizardjonny) and myself. Since then, there have been further objections by others. Specifically,

1) The Apollo 9 footage in fact shows the S-IVB, not the CSM or LM.

2) If the triangular flash we see in the liftoff videos is in fact Mylar foil reflections, why did you only show the Apollo 15 liftoff video?

3) What's blowing the said Mylar foil around?

4) In the Apollo 17 liftoff videos there is a piece of debris that changes direction as it gets caught in the (invisible) exhaust plume.

5) Where are the overhead cables and support structures?

6) The upper stage of the Delta II rocket used the exact same fuels as the Apollo LM, and its exhaust is invisible.

All of these objections will be addressed thoroughly in this video.