MoonFaker: Project Sandbox

First published: 2007-11-15

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This video was originally uploaded on my behalf by straydog02 on November 15th 2007, back when Mark Gray was filing dubious DMCA copyright infringement claims against people who use NASA's footage to question the moon landings. We give thanks to straydog02 for his efforts.


A common claim that pops up within the propagandist community, is that the Apollo videos can't be faked because when dust is kicked up it falls back down to the surface without forming clouds. This claim ignores the fact that there are terrestrial particles like sand, which also behaves this way. Propagandists then shift the goalposts by saying the lunar regolith seen in the videos can't be sand, because dry sand would not form the crystal clear bootprints seen in the Hasseblad photos. This is completely moot: because the still-photography was not necessarily filmed using the same soil material used in the videos. And besides which, whenever astronauts are seen leaving bootprints in these videos, the poor picture quality makes it too difficult to determine just how deep and clear the bootprints are in these videos.