MoonFaker: No-Fly Zones, Buffer Zones & Their Effect on Private Space Exploration

First published: 2012-10-19


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I apologize to my subscribers for the long delay in producing my next MoonFaker. Things at university have been extremely demanding this year.

In October 2011, NASA declared that the Apollo landing sites will be no fly zones and Apollos 11 and 17 will have buffer zones. The many private space companies aiming to land an unmanned craft on the moon have complied with these restrictions. Astrobotic Technology for example, who were planning to land near the Apollo 11 site and beam back HD videos of the artifacts, have now opted for missions to the lunar poles and Russian unmanned landing sites instead.

All this is supposedly to protect the artifacts. More likely, NASA is worried about what the private companies will find. Or rather, won't find.