MoonFaker: Lunar Lies

First published: 2011-04-11


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This video was originally uploaded on my behalf by straydog02 on November 29th 2007, back when Mark Gray was filing dubious DMCA copyright infringement claims against people who use NASA's footage to question the moon landings. We give thanks to straydog02 for his efforts.

This film exposes the lies that went into the production and subsequent marketing of the uploads produced by internet troll svector. His lies include alleging that I tried to suppress the 30:28GET Apollo 11 telecast from public view, when in fact I'm the one who released the whole thing after he refused to do so; claiming that this telecast was a continuous shot with no edits, knowing full well it was a cut-away shot from an edited video; and marketing his DVD with the claim that my old account was suspended because of my uploading the 30:28 telecast.

It's ironic that propagandists can gloat about how their opponents have supposedly committed terms of use violations and published the "personal information" of others, when in fact svector posted pictures of my house on Youtube without permission and was later kicked off Youtube for multiple terms of use violations.