MoonFaker: LRO, Flag or No Flag II

First published: 2014-01-16

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Published on January 16 2014, DMCAed on January 18 2014, and reinstated on February 4 2014.


This video would have been posted on my WhiteJarrah account if not for the DMCA attacks by kaleljordankent this morning.

In my previous video, I showed that the flags allegedly planted on the moon during the Apollo missions would have been destroyed by radiation and micrometeoroids decades ago - as was the case with the flag erected outside Mir - and therefore could not possibly have been photographed by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter as NASA claims.

In response, various propagandists have desperately claimed that the ozone and orbital debris in earth orbit made the difference and would have destroyed a flag within a year. Firstly, ozone is a trace gas. Even at ground level you'll find vastly more ozone molecules than in space, and it doesn't destroy flags here on earth. And secondly, if we take the danger of orbital debris out of the equation, we find that a flag on the moon would only have lasted about 8 years. Nice try, propagandists.