MoonFaker: LRO, Flag or No Flag

First published: 2013-12-01

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I'm back! For this one I must really give kudos to Youtube user, moonfakery. If you speak Russian, I encourage you to check out his channel and see his mirrors of my videos with Russian subtitles.

NASA claims that the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has proved that the American flags are still standing at all but one of the alleged Apollo sites. In reality, all they have done is shot themselves in the foot by giving us proof that the LRO pictures have been doctored and more proof that Apollo was a fake.

If the flags were indeed on the moon, they would have been destroyed by radiation and micrometeoroids decades ago. The Soviets erected their own flag outside the Mir space station in July 1991, and by September 1992 it was reduced to only two threads. It's difficult to imagine a flag lasting more than forty years on the moon, as is claimed by NASA. Dare I say it again? More evidence that the Apollo missions were a hoax!

Special thanks goes out to moonfakery for his references in Russian.

"100 Stories about Docking and Other Adventures in Space Volume 2"
by Vladimir Syromyatnikov.

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