Flagging The Gems

First published: 2007-07-23

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This series was produced from public domain NASA inflight footage from Apollo 10. It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the views of earth from that mission had been pre-filmed and then edited together, as was obvious from camera cutting repeatedly despite running perfectly synchronized to uncut audio communications. This series also showed that pieces of existing Apollo 10 footage, which the transcript confirms to exist, was absent on the Spacecraft Films DVD set despite sold as "complete".

Just days after this series was originally posted, Mark Gray of Spacecraft Films filed fraudulent DMCA copyright infringement claims against my videos. This not only resulted in the removal of these films, but the termination of my old account. Legally Spacecraft Films has no claim, because NASA's footage is public domain.

Now that it has become clear to Youtube that Gray's DMCA claims were fraudulent, we at JW Studios are proud to say that Flagging The Gems is restored to Youtube.