MoonFaker: False Frame-rates

First published: 2013-06-01

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The topic of today's video was briefly discussed in an earlier video. But I found this information so important that I feel it deserved its own episode. Long story short: NASA claims that the Apollo 11 moonwalk video was recorded by a TV camera running at 10 frames per second; and to convert it to NTSC (30 frames per second), the MFSN technicians pointed at 30fps camera at a television screen showing the 10fps video feed.

However, frame by frame analysis of the surviving 30fps conversion reveals that the unfiltered video feed was more likely 24fps, not 10fps. Meaning that the Apollo 11 moonwalk telecast must have been recorded with a camera not in the astronauts possession during the time they were supposedly on the moon.

For anyone interested, here is a link to my original video in which I first brought this up. (about 11:51 into the video)

Here is also a follow-up to the above video.