MoonFaker: Exhibit B, Corrections & Revisions

First published: 2012-12-02

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The title says it all. Way back in 2006, whilst browsing through archived newspapers, I learned that the first Apollo 11 television transmission had been printed in the July 18 1969 printing of The West Australian. This and another Apollo 11 telecast had been featured in Bart Sibrel's moon hoax DVDs with their original title cards. They were dated as being respectively filmed on Day 198 1:15am GMT 1969 and Day 198 11:31pm GMT 1969. Sibrel's narrator reads Day 198 as July 18. In addition, in an Apollo Lunar Surface Journal essay, former Goldstone engineer Bill Wood wrote that the probe & drogue removal telecast (which Mark Gray claims was filmed 22hr and 9minutes after the latter of the telecasts on Sibrel's DVD) was filmed July 19.

I concluded that NASA was filming this footage in advance and that it mistakenly went to air earlier than intended. I discussed this in two of my previous videos: "MoonFaker Exhibit B" and "MoonFaker: The Exhibit B Addendum". Since then, it has come to my attention that the NASA title card actually reads "July 17", not "July 18". And Bill Wood's statement was in fact lifted from a 1978 NASA book called "Chariots for Apollo" and quoted out of context, a fact which only recently I have been able to confirm.

I have since correlated the Apollo 11 television transmission's audio track with the official NASA transcript. Unfortunately for NASA, it seems there is a 1hour and 10minute discrepancy between the two. I don't know what to conclude from that!