MoonFaker: Chinese Roadtrip

First published: 2014-02-27


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This video was produced in November 2013 and was intended to be my own little retrospective on the Chinese space program leading up to their then upcoming Chang'e 3 mission. Many had asked for my thoughts along those lines. Would it be real? Would China go along with NASA's moon hoax?

Had someone asked me this back in 2008, I would have said that China's free trade deals with the United States would keep them quiet. But of course, now their relationship has become rather strained and shaky. And so it was unpredictable as to what the Chinese would do. That said, I decided to hold off on publishing this video until we had some data to correlate with my predictions.

Well, now we have the data. In particular, we have data from the Yutu rover's Active Particle X-ray spectrometer. Early last month, China announced that this spectrometer had detected the elements Magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, Potassium, Calcium, Titanium, Chromium, Iron, Strontium, Yttrium and Zirconium. While these elements are indeed found in the Apollo rock samples, analysis of the spectral lines reveals that the quantities of these elements are vastly different between the Apollo and Chang'e 3 soils. For examples: the Apollo rock and soil is predominantly silicon dioxide, while the Chang'e 3 soil appears to be predominantly calcium and titanium oxides.

In other words, if the Chang'e 3 mission and its x-ray spectral data is real, that means that the actual lunar geology is different to that of the Apollo rock samples.