MoonFaker: Chang'e 3, Clementine & Apollo

First published: 2014-03-07


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I was wondering how the propagandists would respond to my previous video, which proved that the chemistry of the lunar soil (according to Chang'e 3's x-ray spectral data) is vastly different to the Apollo soil and rock.

Vincent McConnell responded with DMCA abuse. Apparently, he thinks he owns the copyright to a public domain NASA photograph by Kevin Rohrer of retired space shuttles Enterprise and Discovery.

Another individual claimed that the ridiculously high titanium of the Chang'e 3 soil was expected and detected in advance by the UVVIS data from Clementine. In actuality, the UVVIS data never registered anything greater than 10% by weight with the Chang'e 3 site being in a 3% TiO2 location. The Clementine data is directly contradicted by Chang'e 3's x-ray spectral data, which shows titanium oxide contents close to 40%.