Apollo VIII: Better Eight Than Never

First published: 2014-04-12


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This video would have been posted a week after the release of "Flagging The Gems", way back in July 2007. But due to false DMCA copyright infringement takedowns filed by Mark Gray of Spacecraft Films, I held off on publishing it. By the time the DMCAs were overturned in April 2011, I had covered much of this video's content in my MoonFaker series and was unsure what to do with this unreleased video. That is until now. To celebrate JW Studios eighth year on Youtube, we finally present the third in the Gem Trilogy, "Better Eight Than Never".

Tom Hanks' docudrama series "From The Earth To The Moon" implies that during the Apollo 8 mission, the crew recorded telecasts of themselves floating around in zero gravity and then panned to the window where the Earth could clearly be seen in high quality.

Analysis of the archived Apollo 8 telecasts however shows this not to be the case. Not only that, but also water ice crystals can be seen floating outside the window. Thus confirming Ralph René's conviction that coolant water ejected into space during the alleged moonwalks should have been visible.


Some have asked about the calculations Ralph René made to determine the required 24kg of water to keep the Apollo EVA suits cooled over four hours. For further information, I offer these scans of the pages in question from his book.


Others have asked why we don't see any ice crystals shooting out of the modern shuttle EVA suits. Apparently, unlike their Apollo counterparts, a modern EVA suit recirculates its water back through the LCG, instead of ejecting it into space.
The modern suit also has the new feature of a vacuum between the inner and outer layers to prevent solar heat from transferring to the pressure bladder.