“I just wanted to compliment you on the good work you have done on the moon landing hoax. I remember when I first heard of you and we spoke on the telephone for the first time about 10 years ago, I was a little concerned that you called yourself the "Grandson" of the moon landing hoax, fearing that some might take that you were directly related to Bill Kaysing, and if they found out that you were not, it might take credibility away from your work.

Yet now, I certainly do see Bill as the "Grandfather" of the hoax movement, and I suppose myself as his "son" in the movement, and with all of the great work you have done on the subject, I now gladly bestow the "grandson" title to you with deserving honors!”

               –––  Bart Sibrel,  writer, producer, director of  A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Moon
                                                                                and  Astronauts Gone Wild

For sale:  12" world globes from Apollo Zero
Jan 19.   New video: Eugene Cernan: “I Didn't Go To The Moon... not to come Home”.

Jan 18.   It has been announced that Eugene Cernan - Gemini 9A Pilot, Apollo 10 Command Module Pilot and Apollo 17 Command Pilot - has died in hospital at the age of 82 following health complications.  more...

Dec 18.   New video: MoonFaker: Radiation Reloaded.

Dec 09.   John Glenn, the last surviving member of Mercury Seven, has died. At 95 years old, he left behind a great legacy. He became the first American to orbit the Earth and survived a close brush with death as his heat shield was loose and kept in place by the retro rockets strap. His survival also meant Operation Dirty Trick - the CIA plan to blame his mission failure on Cuba for war - did not come to fruition. At 77 years old, he became the oldest man to fly in space when he served as Payload Mission specialist on Shuttle flight STS-95. Glenn died surrounded by family in the Ohio State University Waxner Medical Center in Columbus after more than a week of hospitalization. His cause of death has not yet been announced. Jarrah White's condolences go out to the friends and family of John Glenn.

Dec 02.   It has been reported that Buzz Aldrin has been hospitalized in New Zealand after a trip to the South Pole and is currently in a stable condition. Jarrah White wishes him a speedy recovery.

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The pro-Apollo crowd will go to almost any lengths to keep their moonlanding mythology alive.  From misrepresenting opponents’ positions, debunking non-existent claims, presenting arguments they know are invalid (and hoping you don’t), ignoring key arguments and critical evidence, presenting farcical explanations for the numerous photographic and other anomalies, quote mining, bashing opponents’ long-since-corrected mistakes, lodging fraudulent copyright and privacy claims to get videos pulled, using ridicule in place of argument, character assassinations, and – when all else fails – outright lying.  You name it, they’ll do it!

Jarrah White, “Grandson of the Apollo Moon Hoax Theory”, has made it his mission to debunk the Apollo debunkers and propagandists alike.  His ongoing MoonFaker series is considered by many to be the most comprehensive documentary series discussing the moon landing hoax conspiracy.

Whether you’re a newbie trying to make sense of the many claims and counter-claims, or a hard-heeled conspiracy researcher who’s just tired of the bull, you’ll find information-a-plenty in them and more here.  Watch as Jarrah takes on the propagandists in video, in forums, in debates, and sometimes even in person, and exposes them for what they are.

Watch the MoonFaker series and learn conclusively that the one small step for man was no giant leap for mankind!